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Join our ranger- team to participate in field work, geared to save our rhino and wild-life. Come along side us and physically experience wildlife conservation projects in a tangible way.

The fund makes it possible to deploy modern technologies and methods in the fight against poaching, which is depleting our rhino and wildlife. The success of these projects, is due to highly skilled and passionate teams, working together, each with extensive experience in their field.

These comprise of specialised game pilots, trackers, rangers and vetenerians, together with the use of forefront technology and methods. These teams work tirelessly to protect our wildlife and are entirely dependent on donations and sponsors.

Sub-Saharan Africa is facing the largest rhino poaching crisis ever experienced. Over 350 rhinos are poached in 1 year, which equates to  1-2 rhino dying very day of the year.

Rhino Save & Protect is a non-profit Fund, dedicated to save and protect rhino and endangered species in Southern Africa. Our mission is to save & protect wildlife from poaching, as we see a drastic decline in the number of rhino and endangered species every year.